This is How We Roll

Our Story

We specialize in helping top-level pros find career homes they love. We attract the best and the brightest because we are true matchmakers: we listen closely to the ideals of all parties involved and facilitate introductions when - and only when - a match seems destined to be a superior, long-term partnership for all involved.

Since January 2000, Nerd Up has been providing our expertise in human resource management, position identification, development and recruitment, compensation analysis, offer negotiation, and staff retention. And making professionals laugh and smile on both sides of the table, throughout the process. Matchmaking, career or otherwise, is about people, a fact too often lost on the's and by resume readers in search of buzz words. We see our role as helping candidates and employers home in and highlight what's most important to themselves and each other; at the end of that process, we hope, the match is based on the essential criteria for both... that's the magic that enables the "dream job" to become a reality, and the "dream candidate" to join the team.

Not Your Typical Recruiter

Here at Nerd Central, we do all we can to ensure that our services, guarantees and performance are outstanding enough that Nerd Up can become your search partner for life.

We have a single mission: cultivating long term, successful partnerships for - and with - you. Feel free to contact us and let us know if we can help you in any way.

You can also stay up to date with the latest job postings through our not-in-your-face newsletter, The Nerd Word.

Silly Name?

We don't think so... Alright, so it is a little silly, we'll give you that. But we're seriously focused on making you - our Number One Priority - ecstatic about our services. Our track record proves that the search process pursued with clarity, tenacity and integrity can be both a great success AND great fun at the same time.

Our nerds and employers put fun stuff to work for them while achieving greatness.

As a local CTO who's been a repeat hiring client of Nerd Up since 2001 puts it:

Nerd Up nerds are 'slavishly devoted' to their work and quickly become the leaders of your teams. They are the super-energized, extremely dependable, FUN and CREATIVE types you love to work and laugh with.