Find your new Employees Faster With Nerd Up - Gum Shoe Detective Costume Optional

Need Talent?

Want to spend more time interviewing the right candidates and less time trying to find them? Let Nerd Up sharpen your edge in the battle for top-tier talent.

In every economy, high caliber talent is key to success. Our goal at Nerd Up is to cultivate lasting, quality partnerships between the best companies and the best employees. Our dedication to that goal is at the heart of everything we do.

Let Us Sharpen Your Edge

Great companies depend on Nerd Up for the same reason our talented candidates do: we're a boutique staffing service. We take great care to get to know you and your corporate culture so we can find the talent that truly fits your needs.

Our nerds quickly become core contributors to the success of your IT, New Media, Sales, Marketing, and Support goals.

Whether you're revving up your startup or rounding out a well-established organization... think Nerd Up.

We don't just match resumes with your requirements: We match great people to your vision.


Nerd Up often caters to the following sectors and specialties:

  • Internet
  • New Media
  • ECommerce
  • Satellite Broadcast
  • Telecommunications
  • Executive Leadership (Operations, Sales, IT, Marketing, Strategy, and Development)
  • Program/Project Managers
  • Sales and Pre-Sales Engineering
  • Help Desk Management and Product Support
  • Testers and Quality Assurance Gurus
  • Webmasters, 3D Animators and Designers
  • Data Specialists, Analysts and Developers
  • Network, Integration, and Software Engineers
  • Application Specialists, Developers and Analysts
  • Internet and Information Architects and Engineers
  • Systems, Network, LAN and WAN Administrators
  • Database Specialists, Administrators and Architects
  • Executive Support and Office Administration

Ready to Take Your Team to the Next Level?

If you want to take your teams to the next level, replace a key player, or start up a new team, we'd love the opportunity to assist.

Please just contact us anytime 24x7 and we'll look forward to learning all about your needs and goals - and responding right away.

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