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Full Stack Developers (Lead Developer and Mid-Level Needed) (Washington, DC)

Provide access and information to users in the most difficult settings on earth.

Join this firm whose mission and focus it is provide real-time, sensitive information to those with little to no technical knowledge via a web portal and a cross-platform online/offline mobile data app. We've got an APB out for a bar none developer who is motivated to make a difference by contributing creativity and dedication to building out and advancing a software platform to collect share and analyze data; your highest quality code and passion for optimal user experience drives you and sets you apart from other "coders" who may be extremely talented, but who are happy with just-okay. We are seeking WOW (and a Senior Developer who seeks out WOW, too). 

You'll roll up your sleeves and work across web and mobile UIs and data storage features. If you’re dedicated to highest quality code, superior user experiences, collaborating with non-technical and technical teams, and adept with the implementation of end to end features, this position could really make you sing in the shower.


•Varied programming languages (at least three different languages, excluding markup languages)

•Adept with extending and maintaining complex code bases; developing relational database design, SQL, and query optimization; and understanding of load balancing, latency, bandwidth, HTML and CSS

•Implement end to end features (e.g., database/storage; server side; user facing/client side)

•Provide oversight and expertise in all phases of development to ensure all deliverables meet the strategic needs of the clients

•Detailed understanding of data structures and common algorithms (e.g., maps; classes; hashing; recurision)

•Familiarity with POSIX compliant systems (Linux; Unix; etc.) and experience with inspection and troubleshooting

•Profiling and optimization techniques

•Degree in Computer Science or a related field

•Stellar communication skills and aptitude for technical and non-technical writing

•Expertise with code reviews, standards, automated testing and documentation

•Familiarity with Google Cloud Platform, AWS, or other cloud provider services

•Distributed system design and development using microservices

•Design and maintenance of network accessible APIs (e.g., REST)



•Enthusiasm and a passion for all things open source, feature improvements, and simple, fast and reliable user experiences

•Excellent understanding of the overarching process of full stack development

•Python, Javascript, CSS, Django, Android, iOS Development, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Flask, Docker, React.js, Kubernetes, React Native, Full Stack Web Development (Node / Redux / React), Django - Rest Framework

•Excellent written, verbal, and presentation skills.

•Experience managing multiple projects with tight deadlines.

•Ability to work both independently and collaboratively.

• Bachelor’s degree in a related field with 4+ years of experience in full stack development


To apply, send an e-mail to with the subject line "Full Stack Developers (Lead Developer and Mid-Level Needed) (ID 74)". Attach your resume and tell us why this is your dream job.

Is this your dream job?

If this is your dream job, send an e-mail to with the subject line "Full Stack Developers (Lead Developer and Mid-Level Needed) (ID 74)". Attach your resume and tell us why we should pick you over all of the other Superhero Nerds.

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