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Kick Ass Deployment Strategist (N.W., Washington, DC)

Work with a thriving, young company that aims to be the market leader around the globe with a platform that allows users in any location to easily create and manage data collection and analysis, allowing users to gather information, track progress and view results in real time with an out of the box software portal that reqires no technical knowledge or complex sign up. You'll get in on the ground floor with a robust salary, 100% paid health and dental coverage, and stock options to share in the excitement and longer term upside beyond your day to day enjoyment on the job.

Your Role: Technical Advisor/Deployment Strategist

Serve as a liaison between the Product and Sales Teams and Corporate Clients. Your feedback and responsiveness will help customers get the most out of the product, and your insights will inform future featuers and versions of the product as identify data challenges and collaborate with users to help them implement the software into their day to day technology routines. You have a strong background in data science, a passion for working with others, and evolving complex concepts into to easy to understand "bits" of information that anyone can process and understand.

Collaborate with clients to understand their data needs and help them gain the most benefit from your new company's software platform. Balance the needs of multiple clients while conveying complex data concepts to both technical and non-technical audiences. 

  • Apply your familiarity with MySQL or a similar relational database software
  • Collect feedback from users and coordinate with software development, product development, and technical sales to refine product and road map; provide insight on client integrations, customizations, and implementation as needed
  • Provide customers with regular updates on product progress, asks, technology capabilities, and opportunities
  • Learn the nuances of your clients' operations to determine how this platform and robust software can best enhance product use
  • Assist in pre-sale and post-sale client discussions
  • Participate in software implementations to help your clients achieve maximum impact from the product and its robust capabilities 

To apply, send an e-mail to with the subject line "Kick Ass Deployment Strategist (ID 78)". Attach your resume and tell us why this is your dream job.

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