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React.js Engineering Lead (Washington, DC)

We're looking for a lead engineer who can bring our client's React game to the next level. Our React Ninja will jump in and take ownership of React engineering of groundbreaking products, and push the envelope forward, and improve products that are bringing access and streamlining important processes for work around the globe that has a genuine impact on lives, livelihoods, health and safety.

Once you take the lead, you'll help explore and consider using Flow and GraphQL, etc. Currently using React.js and React Native across web platform and mobile apps, alongside Redux; in the process of scaling, moving from (mostly) monolithic API server to a microservices based approach. Help define best practices and keep things moving toward the bleeding edge. If exploration and expanding horizons excites you, you may love this growth opportunity. Interviews this week :).


• Experience with varied programming languages (at least 3 different languages, excluding markup languages like HTML and CSS).

• In-depth familiarity with HTML and CSS. 

• Ability to implement features end-to-end (including database / storage, server side, and user facing / client side). 

• Detailed understanding of data structures and common algorithms (for example maps, classes, hashing, and recursion). 

• Familiarity with POSIX compliant systems (Linux, Unix, etc.) and experience with its standard inspection and troubleshooting tools. 

• Skilled at debugging and troubleshooting production systems. 

• Understanding of profiling and optimization techniques. 

• Committed to building high quality code and an excellent user experience. 

• Comfort collaborating with non-technical colleagues, including customer support, sales, and occasionally directly with clients.



• Degree in Computer Science or a related field or equivalent experience. 

• Previous experience maintaining and extending existing complex code bases. 

• Expert in methods and tools for quality (code reviews, standards, automated testing, and documentation). 

• Experience with relational database design, SQL, and query optimization. 

• Understanding of internet and web infrastructure and protocols (for example HTTP, load balancing, latency, and bandwidth). 

• Experience with Google Cloud Platform, AWS, or other cloud provider services. 

• Mobile development on Android and/or iOS. 

• Open source contributions. 

• Distributed system design and development using microservices. 

• Design and maintenance of network accessible APIs (for example REST).

To apply, send an e-mail to with the subject line "React.js Engineering Lead (ID 79)". Attach your resume and tell us why this is your dream job.

Is this your dream job?

If this is your dream job, send an e-mail to with the subject line "React.js Engineering Lead (ID 79)". Attach your resume and tell us why we should pick you over all of the other Superhero Nerds.

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