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Super Nerds Need Super Jobs

Stand out from the crowd? Ready to be rewarded for your exemplary intellect, experience and drive? Nerd Up works closely with bar-none overachievers who want to find a whole different kind of job experience.

We aim to steer you away from offices replete with Dilbert dynamics; the din of offices reminiscent of the Bat cave; and the boredom of teams without humor, creativity, or passion to push the envelope.

We go the extra mile to hitch you up with employers and offices where we ourselves would enjoy spending our days. We also take the time (and genuinely care) to understand what would make you love your next job, day to day and long-term. Then, and only then, we go out there and find it for or present it to you.

Recruiting Kung-Fu!

Code Ninja: Meet our Recruiting Kung-Fu

  • We'll never try to fit you in a shoebox or encourage you to pursue a job that's not aligned with your goals and aspirations.
  • We'll never share your resume with others unless you've expressed keen interest in a specific company or role.
  • We offer individualized staffing and career consultations to sharpen your competitive edge dramatically.
  • We'll help you from A-Z (from determining your next career step to refining your resume, identifying the corporations that best suit your goals, fielding and choosing among competing offers, and, if you wish, negotiating your compensation package, thumb wrestling included).

So if you want confidential placement assistance to take your career to the next level, get ready to Nerd Up.

Ready to get a job you love?

If you want to quietly explore some new ideas for now or someday far off in the future* - or if you're ready for a new job tomorrow -- along with a few notes of what might really mesh with your interests; we look forward to learning about you today.

You can also subscribe to The Nerd Word and get your "Nerdotunity of a Lifetime" (patent pending) delivered right to your inbox with current job listings, Nerd Trivia, Mensa Contests and a few other inoffensive fun tidbits our community tends to enjoy.

*We can't promise to find that perfect match today, but we do promise not to incessantly bother you with ideas from Ork. We do promise keep your interests and wish lists on our radar screen, and to ping you when we find something that really makes sense.