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Super Nerds Need Super Jobs.


Stand Out From The Crowd


Ready to be rewarded for your exemplary intellect, experience and drive?  

Nerd Up works closely with bar none overachievers who want to find a whole different kind of job experience. We aim to steer you away from offices replete with the din of Dilbert dynamics, and the drollness of teams that operate without humor, creativity, and passion to push the envelope. 

We go the extra mile to hitch you up with employers in offices where we ourselves would enjoy spending our days. We take the time (and genuinely care) to understand what would make you love your next job both day to day and for the long-term. Then, and only then, do we go out there and find it for you. 

We know you don't need  a new job. Which makes us even more grateful for your confidence in us. As focused career matchmakers, we contact you only when we think an opportunity is truly worthy of your skills AND think it has a high likelihood of matching your dream wish list. 

We value you and we deeply appreciate the importance of your career investment for you and for all who depend on you.  

By referral only for two decades, we work slavishly and follow through so that you end up elated, and excited to refer us to your friends and family. 

"Nerd Up took the time to understand where I was in my career and my complete set of skills to help me find the perfect fit. 

Unlike other recruiters with a list of technical skills they are trying to match, Julie is able to see the big picture of experience, skills, interests, and capabilities. Thank you!""

- Peter, Chief Information Officer

"I want to let you know how great I feel about this position and how perfect the timing is. This opportunity will prove to be the most exciting project I could hope to be a part of."

- Billy, Director of Advertising