NerdUp Hi Tech & Executive Placement


Sharpen Your Edge in the Battle for Top-Tier Talent  

We take great care to get to know you and your corporate culture so we can find the talent that truly fits your short and long-term needs.

Great companies depend on Nerd Up for the same reason our talented candidates do: we're a boutique staffing service and networking empire; we're not an "agency". 


In every economy, high caliber talent is key to success. Whether you're revving up your startup or rounding out your thriving, well-established organization... think Nerd Up. We don't sit around and match keywords to your requirements: we network with aplomb and match great people to your vision. 

We cultivate lasting, quality partnerships between the best companies and the best employees.

Our dedication to that goal is at the heart of everything we do. 

Invest your time only in interviewing the right candidates, not pounding Excedrin trying to find them. 

  • Boost your teams to the next level and beyond
  • Replace a key player
  • Start up a new team
  • Launch a new venture
  • Reorganize or expand
  • Or just plain snuff out your competion.

Send a signal 24x7 and we'll look forward to learning all about your needs and goals - and responding right away.