NerdUp Hi Tech & Executive Placement



Are you a corporate Cahoona, Big Cheese or Senior Level Manager who loves innovating?

Our executive searches tend to be a little different than others.

Many companies seek bean counters. Or big egos.

Our searches typically involve start up companies in search of senior managers who enjoy rolling up their sleeves and getting their fingernails dirty.

If you're strictly seeking 9-5 and very formal white collar working arenas, we may not have what you want. In fact, we're sure we don't.

Our positions span a variety of industry and functional specializations, with base salaries well over $150,000, but the roles are often broad; and they require myriad abilities and interests, and a true panache dealing with dynamic scenarios, disparate teams, and multifunctional abilities.

If you haven't run for the hills yet, you may love talking turkey about some of these special positions, and we'd love to learn about your special interests.