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The NerdUp Difference

We specialize in matching top-level pros with career homes they love. 

We attract the best and the brightest because we are true matchmakers: we listen closely to the ideals of all parties involved and facilitate introductions when - and only when - a match seems destined to be a superior, long-term partnership for all involved.

Since January 2000, NerdUp has been providing soup to nuts recruitment expertise from position identification, requirements analysis, compensation, offer strategy, closing the deal, staff retention, and employee engagement. 

We help our clients home in and highlight what's most important to them. That's key to the magic that enables a dream job to become a reality, and the dream candidate to join your team.  

We are driven to ensure that you're so satisified with our services that you sing our praises to your friends and family. 

In fact, because our successful boutique business has been by referral only for all these amazing years, we are certain you'll be thrilled to have discovered us. We're also sure your competition will not be all that happy that you did!

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