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Julie Fanburg, CEO, founded Nerd Up in January of 2000 after years of cutting her HR and Recruitment chops in the corporate, agency, and government contracting worlds. 

The more she experienced the impersonal, cookie-cutter corporate approach to staffing, the more certain she was that for all things recruiting, hiring, and career matchmaking, there had to be a better way.  So, being the entrepreneur that she is, she went out and built it: 

Nerd Up!

Julie graduated Bryn Mawr College in 1993 where she focused on the psychology Group Dynamics -- and on the importance of free pizza as she rallied troops to put together for the campus humor magazine. She's a native Washingtonian, Georgetown Day School alum, proud mom (but horrible cook), community participant, and believer in giving back and paying it forward. 

Her expertise in recruitment, hiring, and HR leadership has earned her accolades far and wide. She is sought after as the tenacious headhunter who finds the elusive purple unicorn to be the perfect fit on the highest performing teams, and as the career designer who listens tenaciously with genuine care to help you identify, develop, tailor, target and nail it -- whatever the next step or stage is just right for you.

While Julie has an unabashed passion for staffing startups and burgeoning teams, companies of all sizes and industries count on Nerd Up to find their best talent year after year.

About Us

Here at Nerd Central we do all we can to ensure that our services, guarantees and performance are so outstanding that Nerd Up will become your search partner for life.

"Julie is absolutely the best placement professional I've ever had the pleasure to work with. She's both recruited me and recruited *for* me, and the experience has been phenomenal each and every time. Julie takes the time to understand the people on both sides, and has a real gift for identifying great matches -- and knowing when someone is not a good fit. She is my first call every time I am looking for staff or a new position." 

We have a single mission: cultivating long term, successful partnerships for - and with - you. For 20 years we've grown our business by referral from delighted clients whose trust we've earned and cherish.

Feel free to reach out, connect, and let us know if we can answer questions or help you with a confidential search or strategic career research. We love making new connections and look forward to hearing from you. 

You can also stay up to date with the latest job postings through our never-in-your-face newsletter - though sometimes a little irreverant The Nerd Word.