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Get ready to be rewarded for your exemplary intellect, experience, and drive!

NerdUp works closely with hardworking overachievers who want to find a whole different kind of job – and job search – experience. We become your trusted advisor year after year, guiding you with connections, networking opportunities, resume feedback, and ongoing support for your career.

We steer you away from Dilbert dynamics.

We go the extra mile to hitch you up with employers and offices where we ourselves would enjoy spending our own days.
We also take the time (and genuinely care) to understand what will make you love your next job, day-to-day and long-term. Then, and only then, we go out there and find it for — or present it — to you.

Why Work With NerdUp?

If you’re looking for an impersonal, unfriendly, unresponsive approach to staffing, we ain’t it. If you’re looking for hum-drum, Dilbert and curmudgeonly staff, definitely click on, as you won’t find what you’re seeking from NerdUp.


But, "ho di doh" if you want a recruiter who will take time to listen and respond to your expressed and implicit wish list -- meaning that which you're really hoping to find.


We listen closely to what you're *really* hoping to find -- even if you think it's impossible.


I'll give you candid feedback along the way. And I ask that you be candid with us as well.


Humor is not only welcome; it's a must.


Finding your "perfect job" isn't supposed to be arduous; it should be precise, but the best matchmaking and connecting to others who are also tops should be enjoyable.


I hope we can make a difference that way for you, too.

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